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About Amazon

Amazon was a book-selling platform when it was founded, but later became the largest e-commerce site in the world. There is hardly anyone who does not know about the online shopping site where millions of products are sold every day. The products you buy from the Amazon online shopping platform, which has warehouses in many countries, are delivered to you as soon as possible. The Amazon online shopping platform, where you can find almost all product categories, is very good in terms of product quality and customer support. By opening an Amazon account, you can add products to your shopping list or buy them immediately. Price and delivery information are displayed on the product pages. You can ask the seller questions about the product and get a response as soon as possible. You can safely pay and order on Amazon, one of the most preferred online shopping platforms in the world. Needless to say too much about Amazon company, Amazon customer reviews on the internet say it all. The service quality of a company with such a large sales volume is indisputable.

Which Brands and Sectors Are There in Amazon?

Amazon sectors are on many product categories such as electronic products, home decor products, kitchen and bathroom products, men's and women's clothing, lighting products, toys, books, game and technology products, pet products. Amazon brands are too numerous to count. It is possible to buy products of world-renowned brands in every category from Amazon.

How to Buy on Amazon?

How can I buy products from Amazon? After you find the product you are looking for on the Amazon online shopping platform, see all the product details on the product page. After reviewing everything about stock, price, and delivery time, you can add the product to your cart or click the buy now button. Then you can proceed to the payment stage by entering your delivery information and completing your shopping by paying with a suitable method.

How to Sell on Amazon?

How can I sell products from Amazon? After choosing a selling plan on the Amazon shopping site, you can open a seller account and list your products on Amazon. For Amazon selling fees, a calculator is provided.

Amazon Payment Methods

Amazon payment options
Payment can be made with credit cards or gift cards. Payment methods are shown in the payment steps.

Is Amazon Trustworthy?

Is Amazon trustworthy?
Amazon is a reliable platform for both buyers and sellers. Amazon provides you with a pleasant shopping experience where you will not have any problems with deliveries and payments.

Amazon Reviews and Complaints

Amazon reviews of people who buy products using Amazon or sell their products on Amazon are published on

How Can I Become a Member of Amazon?

* What are the Amazon membership stages? There are different membership steps as buyer and seller. There is a button for membership at the top of the website, after clicking it, you can open a customer account using your information.

Amazon Customer Service

How to contact Amazon customer service? All help topics can be viewed on the Amazon website. People who need more help can request support by logging in.

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