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About ecoPayz

ecoPayz is a brand managed by PSI-Pay Limited. ecoPayz is known globally as a preferred method of payment solutions and online payments. With more than 20 years of service in the industry, ecoPayz has options available worldwide for individuals and businesses. Although it is highly preferred as an online payments company, ecoPayz, which also offers a money transfer service, enables account management within its mobile application. There is also a contactless card with which you can easily spend the balance in your ecoPayz account anywhere in the world, and you can also withdraw money from ATMs. ecoPayz is an award-winning payment company that helps businesses receive payments from their customers with its Merchant payment service.

What Are the Services Offered by ecoPayz?

It is possible to use ecoPayz services for your business or for yourself. You can get paid with ecoPayz at your business that accepts payments online, or you can pay with this method at a business that supports ecoPayz. By opening an ecoPayz account, you can manage all your transactions on the web or within the mobile application, and use international money transfer services. The money transfer service gives users the chance to send and receive money using dozens of currencies, and the transfers are instant.

Which countries are serviced by ecoPayz?

ecoPayz is available worldwide in all Mastercard valid countries.

Which countries are not serviced by ecoPayz?

There is no country restricted by ecoPayz. You can get detailed information on the ecoPayz website.

ecoPayz Payment methods

ecoPayz Deposit Methods

* How To Deposit Money In ecoPayz Quickly And Safely? Thanks to 2-step verification, account security is ensured.
* How Can I Deposit on ecoPayz? Users who open an ecoPayz account will see the option to deposit funds. Anyone with a bank account can deposit money into their ecoPayz account.
* ecoPayz Deposit Options You can send money from your bank account to your ecoPayz account.

ecoPayz Withdrawal Methods

* How To Withdraw Money In ecoPayz Quickly And Safely? ecoPayz provides fast and secure transactions as it uses the latest technology.
* How To Withdraw Money From ecoPayz? Using ecoPayz, you can spend on online platforms, spend in physical stores with an ecoPayz card, and withdraw money from ATMs.
* ecoPayz Withdrawal Options ATMs can be used to withdraw cash.
* ecoPayz Refund Process Money transfers cannot be canceled with ecoPayz. You should call customer service for the return process.

Is ecoPayz Trustworthy?

Is ecoPayz trustworthy? ecoPayz is known as one of the few most preferred payment methods in the world and its services are reliable.

ecoPayz Reviews and Complaints

You can read ecoPayz reviews of people who spend with ecoPayz, transfer money or have a business and receive payments with ecoPayz on

How Can I Become a Member of ecoPayz?

* What are the ecoPayz membership stages? When you click the "sign-up" button on the ecoPayz website, you are asked to enter your account information and personal information on the page that opens. Your account will then be created.

ecoPayz Customer Service

How to contact ecoPayz customer service? On the "About us" page there is a link to the website of the PSI-Pay company. There you will see options to reach customer service.

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