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About PayPal

PayPal has been a method for online payments for over 20 years. Answering the needs related to online payments that arise with the increase in the world's digital trade volume, PayPal connects merchants and consumers. With PayPal, one of the most preferred payment methods in the world, tens of thousands of payment transactions are made every minute. There are millions of users who actively use PayPal, and the PayPal company serves these users with thousands of employees. You can visit the PayPal website to see details about PayPal company that best protects your personal and financial information and all the services of the company. If you wish, you can also access PayPal services within the mobile application.

What Are the Services Offered by PayPal?

Small businesses using PayPal services have accelerated their development. Many platforms that accept payments online offer this payment method, which is widely used around the world, to their customers, making it easier for them to make payments. Developing its online payment services day by day, PayPal provides the opportunity to make contactless payments with the QR code in its mobile application. PayPal, which also has a money transfer service, has stylish theme options that you can choose when transferring money from your PayPal account.

Which countries are serviced by PayPal?

PayPal services are available all over the world. Many countries can use PayPal for international payments.

Which countries are not serviced by PayPal?

Check if PayPal services are allowed in your country because some countries restrict PayPal services.

PayPal Payment methods

PayPal Deposit Methods

Can I Deposit Money In My PayPal Card? When you fund your PayPal account, you can spend this money with your PayPal card.

PayPal Withdrawal Methods

Can I Withdraw Money with PayPal? You can withdraw cash from ATMs with your PayPal card.
Can I Use PayPal for Internet Shopping? Yes. Many e-commerce sites around the world accept payments via PayPal.
Is PayPal a Debit Card or Credit Card? PayPal is a digital payment method, but there is also a Cash Card service. This card can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.
Paypal Refund Process You can request a refund by sending an email to the seller with the transaction details.

Is PayPal Trustworthy?

Is PayPal trustworthy? PayPal is a reliable payment method that millions of people can use without any hassle. The confidentiality of account holders is ensured.

PayPal Reviews and Complaints

You can visit to read PayPal reviews of people making online payments with PayPal or using a Cash Card.

How Can I Become a Member of PayPal?

Opening a PayPal Account
You can open an account on the web browser or PayPal mobile application. When you click on the "Sign-up" button, you must enter your mobile phone number after choosing an individual or corporate account.

PayPal Customer Service

How to contact PayPal customer service? You can get quick answers by asking a question in the PayPal community, or you can reach PayPal customer service by phone or text.

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