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About TransferGo

TransferGo was founded in 2012 by 4 young people who established a company abroad and had difficulties in transferring money. Complaining about the slowness of money transfers, these people felt the need to find a solution because they were not satisfied with paying high fees for these slow transfers and stepped into the industry with TransferGo. TransferGo, which is an easy-to-use system that is offered so that everyone can transfer money internationally in many currencies and not experience difficulties with online payments, is regulated and thus serves millions of people.

What Are the Services Offered by TransferGo?

TransferGo has a money transfer service with no hidden fees. Fees are low and they don't change based on the amount you send. When you look at all TransferGo services, you will see that you can also use TransferGo for bill payments. A money transfer service is also offered for small and medium-sized businesses, where they can save both money and time. Thanks to international money transfer services, bulk payments can be made to many countries.

Which countries are serviced by TransferGo?

TransferGo can be preferred for sending money to Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and many more countries. All countries are listed on the website.

Which countries are not serviced by TransferGo?

You can request the company to send money to a country other than the countries listed for sending money on the TransferGo website.

TransferGo Payment methods

TransferGo Deposit Methods

Does TransferGo Have Deposit Commission? A flat fee applies to money transfers you make with TransferGo. You don't pay extra fees for sending large amounts of money.

TransferGo Withdrawal Methods

Can I Withdraw Money with TransferGo? You can easily withdraw the money sent to you via TransferGo.
Can I Use TransferGo for Internet Shopping? You can pay suppliers with TransferGo.
Is TransferGo Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay? In addition to a debit card, credit card, and bank transfer methods, you can also choose Apple Pay when sending money with TransferGo.

Is TransferGo Trustworthy?

Is TransferGo trustworthy? You can safely choose TransferGo with its fast and secure money transfer services. The company provides all its services legally. Those who want to get detailed information about the security provided by TransferGo and the company's regulations can go to the help page and find the answers they are looking for under the relevant headings.

TransferGo Reviews and Complaints

Users who have experience sending money internationally with TransferGo share their TransferGo customer experiences with other visitors at

How Can I Become a Member of TransferGo?

Opening a TransferGo Account? After clicking the registration button on the main page, you can create a new account with your mobile phone number. You can use your email address to open a business account.

TransferGo Customer Service

How to contact TransferGo customer service? If you cannot find what you are looking for in the help center, you can click the "send a request" button and send your questions and requests to TransferGo customer service using the contact form.

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