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About Wise

Wise started to provide services in 2011 to provide cheaper and easier money transfers. Wise, which is a very preferred method by companies doing business around the world, offers a good solution to the dissatisfaction with the poor exchange rates in international money transfers. For those who want to transfer money using Wise, the homepage shows which company processes the transactions in the country they are in. Offering the lowest possible fees without the need for a subscription, Wise shows the fees transparently and allows you to make comparisons by showing how much you will pay if you choose a bank.

What Are the Services Offered by Wise?

Thanks to international money transfer services, transfers made from a different country in a different currency can be used with the local currency. Wise debit card users can also spend using the card. You can spend in your own currency on platforms that accept payments online. If you have a balance in a different currency in your Wise account, it will be converted to the currency you will spend in the cheapest way. It is possible to examine all Wise services in detail on the website.

Which countries are serviced by Wise?

Wise has listed all the currencies it supports and dozens of countries where you can send money on its website.

Which countries are not serviced by Wise?

You can send money to 80 different countries using Wise. You can check if the country you are sending money to is on the list by visiting Wise.

Wise Payment methods

Wise Deposit Methods

Can I Deposit Money In My Wise Card? Yes. You can fund your Wise Card in many ways.

Wise Withdrawal Methods

Can I Withdraw Money with Wise? With Wise Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs all over the world.
Can I Use Wise for Internet Shopping? Using Wise, you can pay for online shopping or get paid from your customers.
Is Wise Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay? You can make transactions by linking your Wise account to your Apple Pay account.
Is Wise a Debit Card or Credit Card? Wise is a money transfer method, but there is also the Wise Card service that it offers as a debit card.

Is Wise Trustworthy?

Is Wise trustworthy? Wise provides legal services that you can transfer money worldwide with low fees and has millions of users. All services are provided securely.

Wise Reviews and Complaints

People who use the Wise money transfer method or Wise Card can write their Wise customer experiences by visiting Kazan.io.

How Can I Become a Member of Wise?

Opening a Wise Account
You can open an account on the website or mobile application within minutes and start using the services after verifying your identity.

Wise Customer Service

How to contact Wise customer service? If you cannot find an answer to your question in the help center, you can contact Wise customer services by logging in after clicking the contact us button on the help page.

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